Meraki Outdoor launched in 2016 as a site for all things Outdoor, Fitness, Nutrition and Gear related. We feature everything from gear reviews to interest articles. ‘Meraki’ is a Greek word meaning ‘to put your heart and soul into something’ and we feel that completely encompasses our love and passion for sport and fitness. 

Our big focus is not just training however. We feel that there is not enough emphasis on putting that training into practice. Not everything is about racing. People need to be training and training hard for adventure. As London dwellers Josh and I spend every opportunity getting out of London to run, climb, cycle and generally try new sports and thats why we came up with Meraki Outdoor, to show people how to train in the city to go on adventures far from the city. 




Jack Atkinson

CrossFit obsessed, running ultras - love to climb, ride bikes, run, surf and ski! Doesn't do well indoors...

Joshua Bond

Director, filmmaker and photographer based in London. Endurance sports and adventure.