What exactly is ISPO?

2,700 outdoor / fitness brands are in Munich for ISPO 2017 to try and showcase all their latest and greatest kit. As the worlds largest sports trade show for the sports business it is pretty difficult to describe the sheer size without actually witnessing it firsthand. The only advice I got before heading out was “wear comfy shoes” and that couldn’t have been more relevant after navigating around the 18 halls jam packed with awesome outdoor kit in every available inch.

The level of innovation is off the charts and the brands know they have to pull out all the stops to create a display to draw attention. From Gore-Tex using a massive pneumatic-arm to ‘shake-dry’ jackets using their new fabric to a few companies going head first into virtual reality solutions (more on that in the next article).

The 'ICAROS' virtual reality fitness solution

Why is Meraki Outdoor at ISPO?

At Meraki Outdoor we work closely with Freestak – a platform that connects endurance / outdoor sports influencers with brands. ISPO ran a campaign asking for a select few influencers to come out and report on the event and we were ecstatic to be 1 of 3 chosen! Not only did we get the chance to visit the show but we were also asked to be on a ‘panel of influencers’ during Freestak’s Peak Conference which aims to improve brand / influencer relationships by encouraging open communication and best practice advice – if you want to find out more about that check it out here.

What has ISPO been like so far?

Mostly it has been a case of wandering around and scouting out what looks interesting. The great thing about ISPO is that there are obviously all the usual brands but there are also literally 1000’s of brands you might not necessarily know so it’s a great chance to simply learn about new companies and find some slightly different brands that suit your goals.


Patagonia have always been a favourite of ours and their stand was simply amazing. Pushing their ‘Worn Wear’ campaign with the great aim of ‘if it’s broke, fix it’. To do this they have a team working round the clock actually fixing kit then and there – so awesome!


Phantom Athletics

There was a big fitness presence this year (far more than when I last attended 3 years ago) with some pretty out there products like the below training mask from Phantom Athletics – ideal if you want to train your lungs and look like Bane.


The North Face

As always The North Face had a crazy way of displaying some incredible new kit. Shown is their latest ski range ‘Steep Series’ that utilises their own FuseForm with Gore-Tex to allow for cleaner, stronger seams. They also look badass (but unfortunately don’t come with the space helmets).


Black Diamond

Finally I’m going to finish with Black Diamond. Great kit, clean lines and what a way to live life by – LIVE. SKI. REPEAT.