Starting just 4 months ago Motion Nutrition are already taking the UK nutrition scene by storm with their combination of health food and sports supplements. We caught up with Motion Nutrition co-founder  Joseph Welstead to find out a bit more…

1) Why did you start Motion Nutrition?
I (Joe) used to compete as an international swimmer, training over 25hours a week. I’ve always been super keen on eating healthy, fresh, organic food, but I also needed to supplement my diet to meet the demands of my training. I would spend hours looking for supplements that met the same level of quality that I had in my diet, but was always left disappointed by synthetic based products. I stopped competing after the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and started working with my friend Charlie who had recently set up a sports management agency in London. We spoke about this problem I had been facing and decided to create something new.
2) When did you start Motion Nutrition?
We began researching the opportunity in March 2015 and launched the brand just before the new year, after 9 months of research, development, sourcing and production. We’ve been live for 4 months now and are going from strength to strength, looking forward to the months to come.
3) How does Motion Nutrition differ from other brands?
All our powder products are certified organic. This is new on the European market. But the real difference for me is that we only use functional ingredients – ingredients that will deliver nutritional value. For example, we chose to flavour our organic whey with raw cacao instead of chocolate flavouring, because of the amazing nutritional profile of raw cacao (and it tastes nice too!). By applying this ethos to all our products, we have a range which delivers sports specific goals (e.g. energise with our Pre Workout), while also actively benefitting the user’s health.
4) How much of a health benefit will organic supplements bring?
Organic certification covers a lot of ground here. First, at the agricultural level: it guarantees cows are fed minimum 60% foliage for our whey (by contrast, DEFRA’s requirements for labelling a product as “grass fed” are extremely loose and unenforceable), it guarantees there is no GM feed or routine antibiotics use; crops are free from harsh fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, and must be distant from highly polluted areas. This means cleaner, higher quality ingredients to start with. Then when it comes to production, our organic certification guarantees the user that we do not include any synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients: common sweeteners like sucralose, and most ‘natural flavours’ are not even allowed in any percentage point. The result is a higher quality sports product that is genuinely beneficial to the user’s health in the long run.
5) What’s your favourite product?
It has to be the raw cacao whey protein as it is so smooth and delicious with oat milk or almond milk. But the Pre Workout Energiser is the BOMB for morning workouts.
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Our thoughts…
Joe was kind enough to send us a selection of Motion Nutrition products, including the Pre-Workout, Mid-Workout and Post-Workout powders.
You only need to take one glance at the ingredients to know you’ve never had anything like this before. Initial taste is quite honestly different to say the least. However, the taste is all down to the quality of ingredients involved – everything is there for a reason. Both the Pre-Workout and Post-Workout took me a few times to get used to the taste but they have definitely grown on me and the benefits speak for themselves. The Post-Workout especially was great as it’s so light, unlike most recovery drinks.
My favourite though has to be the Mid-Workout Hydration. Despite my initial scepticism after seeing “mushroom extract” as an ingredient it is by far the most refreshing hydration powder I’ve ever used. Having used it on a 203km cycle ride I continued to love the taste the entire distance and didn’t have a single cramp (something which I am usually very prone to).
Overall, you’re not going to find better list of ingredients anywhere. The brand has an athlete heritage and it shows – its performance fuel for everyone from the everyday athlete to top tier competitors.